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Thanks for posting this!  I downloaded the desktop version.  On the phone, how does it compare to iPhone and Android?


It's still very alpha/beta.  But it is based on recent Mozilla code, whereas at least the earlier iPhones were running Safari 2 core.  I don't know what Android is running.  The Beta just came out a few days ago, and it shows a lot of progress.

Angelina Parker

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Great post... I will definitely install it on my mobile..

Angelina Parker

Angelina Parker


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Chris Balz on Computer-Related Topics

Just tried out the WebKit-based Midori, which seems to be coming along very well.  It is still alpha but can be used for some Web actions.  Konqueror, Mother of WebKit, recently integrated WebKit advances.  I haven't seen Konqueror yet for Maemo though.

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